To book my animal behaviourist consultation, please complete the attached questionnaire, for your pet:

Please also ask your Vet Surgeon to complete the attached Referral form and email this back to me by clicking here

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Animal Behaviourist.

Call 07400 967307 to arrange a consultation.

A home visit involves taking a full behaviour and medical history and to observe your pet. I don’t have to see the problem behaviour in order to understand it, although video footage of separation problems can help with diagnosis.

All family members should be present at the consultation to ensure that everyone understands the diagnosis and they can implement the treatment program.

  • A Full behaviour consultation package for dogs, cats and horses, includes:
  • Home visit (2-3 hours duration)
  • A Full written report and your vet will receive a copy.
  • 6 weeks follow up support by phone or email.
  • Any liaison with your vet that is required, i.e. drug therapy that may support the treatment.

Animal Behaviourist Fees:

  • Dogs: £235.00
  • Cats: £175.00
  • Horses: £175.00

Integration of cats and dogs to other pets: £150.00 plus fuel expenses. 

Visits outside the Milton Keynes area incurs a 50p a mile fuel charge.

Follow up support visits: £50.00 plus fuel.

Depending on your insurance cover, my fees can be claimed back from your insurance company.

Click here to see my advice regarding my RCVS advice regarding behaviour referrals.
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